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Due to the social distancing guidelines currently imposed, the following applies:


Members of the tennis club who share the same household may use the court in the usual way. This can include playing singles or doubles matches.


Members of the tennis club who do not share the same household may only play singles. A maximum of 2 players may only occupy a court at any one time if they are from separate households.


If both courts are being used simultaneously, please observe the social distancing guidelines. It is imperative to keep to the 2 metre distancing rule. This will become more difficult if both courts are occupied with doubles matches. Please therefore apply common sense to the situation.


If members who do not share the same household are playing singles, the guidelines stipulate that the player who provided the tennis balls for that match is the only player who should handle the tennis balls.


In the interest of the health and safety of everyone, the committee strongly recommends that hand sanitiser is brought to the court by members when playing.  The key security locker, the gate to the court and the net handles will naturally be handled by many people. Please apply common sense in this regard.


Burton on the Wolds Tennis Club committee do not accept any liability whatsoever for personal injury whilst using the court.